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Tree Pruning & Reduction

What is Tree Pruning?

Tree pruning is precise process that involves the deliberate removal of specific branches or sections of a tree to enhance its overall health, shape, and growth.

Our dedicated team of professional tree surgeons in Warrington specialises in this intricate task, employing their expertise to carefully trim dead, diseased, or overgrown branches. By doing so, we aim to optimise sunlight penetration and improve air circulation within the tree’s canopy.

These efforts contribute significantly to the tree’s well-being, promoting vigorous growth, disease resistance, and structural integrity. Additionally, by fostering better light and air flow, our pruning services create a more hospitable environment for beneficial microorganisms and wildlife, fostering a thriving ecosystem within your landscape.

You can trust our skilled tree surgeons to provide your trees with the meticulous care and attention they deserve, ensuring they remain healthy, vibrant, and visually appealing for years to come.

Latest Project

Before Makeover

We were contacted to undertake the task of pruning a remarkable beech tree that had grown without care in the front garden of a house.

Despite the client’s fondness for the tree, over the years it had begun to obscure the light entering the front of their house and the neighbouring rooms.

Our team assessed the tree and the location to find the best possible solution to create the clients desired results.


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After Makeover

Stepping back to view the tree from afar, we suggested a careful approach of a crown lift and thinning, which is the removal of the lowest branches and the removal of smaller / tertiary branches, usually towards the outer portion of the crown, as well as a considerate overall reduction.

Our skilled team of tree surgeons executed this plan, resulting in increased light without compromising the tree’s beautiful structure, form, and elegance.


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Expert Advice

Tree pruning serves several purposes. One of the most common and most requested action for pruning is to help prevent damage to lightly loaded structures like walkways, driveways, and garden walls.

Timely tree pruning can prevent damage to properties such as trees growing close to fences and pushing them out of line or weak branches falling onto building structures causing further potential damage.

By removing dead, weak or diseased branches from a tree you improve the overall tree form and health. However, pruning without knowledge or experience can lead to the reduction of a trees life span and further damage to the tree.

Nick and his friendly team took down a selection of trees that were growing right up against our house. The whole process, from the initial site visit to the removal was very professional and we are delighted with the result. The team was respectful of our garden and they took great care to leave our garden very tidy.

Sir Kostya Novoselov
Nobel Prize winner for Physics in 2010

Latest Project

10 years of Experience

Why Choose Us

We Recycle All of Our Waste

Wood chips and tree waste is converted into biofuels used for heating, and electricity generation as renewable fuel.

Highly Professional

Consistent professionalism, punctuality, and quality define our commitment to maintaining high standards in our work.

Fully Qualified team of experts

Our team is made up of Skilled, NPTC-certified tree surgeons who are trained and expertly qualified in their field.

Respectful and Tidy

Our team prioritises a tidy work environment, ensuring we respect the surroundings during our tasks.

Years of Experience

We have years of experience  working on different sites and settings with the confidence to complete all tasks.

Quality Control

We inspect tools for defects and conduct a thorough site sweep, ensuring nothing is damaged before completion.