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Crown Lift

What is Crown Lifting?

Crown lifting is a specialised method in tree maintenance that entails selectively removing lower branches and foliage to create clearance between the ground and the lower sections of the crown. This technique serves various purposes beyond aesthetics.

One primary objective of crown lifting is to enhance visibility and accessibility beneath the tree. By raising the canopy, this practice enables easier movement for pedestrians, vehicles, or around structures.

Additionally, it promotes better light penetration into the surrounding area, benefiting both the tree and the flora underneath.

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Our Approach

Our devoted team of professional tree surgeons in Warrington have a commitment to employing an intricate approach to crown lifting. Our number one goal is prioritising the enduring health and well-being of the tree above all else.

At each stage of the process, an evaluation is conducted, encompassing vital factors such as the tree’s overall health, unique characteristics specific to that species, intricate growth patterns, and potential impact on structural stability. Only after a thorough assessment and thoughtful consideration of these elements do we proceed with any pruning, ensuring the tree’s sustained optimal condition.


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Employing precise pruning methods and adhering diligently to a consistent maintenance schedule are essential elements in maintaining the ongoing health and structural integrity of the tree during the crown lifting process.

Attention to detail is crucial not only for safeguarding the tree’s overall well-being but also for realising the desired functional enhancements and aesthetic improvements sought through this process. This meticulous approach ensures the tree’s lasting vitality and visual appeal.

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Crown Lift Advice

With proper training and experience, performing crown lifting tree surgery is a relatively fast and straightforward task.

Enhancing the light penetration in and around the tree’s base, ideal for allowing additional late afternoon or evening sunlight.

Nick and his friendly team took down a selection of trees that were growing right up against our house. The whole process, from the initial site visit to the removal was very professional and we are delighted with the result. The team was respectful of our garden and they took great care to leave our garden very tidy.

Sir Kostya Novoselov
Nobel Prize winner for Physics in 2010

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We Recycle All of Our Waste

Wood chips and tree waste is converted into biofuels used for heating, and electricity generation as renewable fuel.

Highly Professional

Consistent professionalism, punctuality, and quality define our commitment to maintaining high standards in our work.

Fully Qualified team of experts

Our team is made up of Skilled, NPTC-certified tree surgeons who are trained and expertly qualified in their field.

Respectful and Tidy

Our team prioritises a tidy work environment, ensuring we respect the surroundings during our tasks.

Years of Experience

We have years of experience  working on different sites and settings with the confidence to complete all tasks.

Quality Control

We inspect tools for defects and conduct a thorough site sweep, ensuring nothing is damaged before completion.