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Crown Reduction

What is Crown Reduction?

Tree crown reduction is a specialised pruning technique focused on decreasing the overall size and height of a tree’s canopy. Our skilled tree surgeons carefully trim and shape the outermost branches and foliage, primarily to manage the tree’s dimensions while improving its structural stability. This proactive approach effectively addresses concerns regarding the obtrusion on buildings, overhead power lines, or neighbouring properties.

Before performing any crown reduction, our Warrington tree surgeons carefully assess the tree’s growth patterns, species, and health. We aim to maintain the tree’s natural shape while reducing its height and spread. Precise cuts are made at specific points to stimulate new growth and uphold the tree’s health.

Crown reduction can enhance the tree’s ability to withstand wind and other environmental stresses, thereby reducing the risk of branch breakage and potential hazards.

It’s crucial to consult with qualified tree surgeons like us who possess the expertise and skills to assess and execute crown reduction in a manner that preserves the tree’s health and aesthetics while addressing the intended objectives. Regular follow-up care and maintenance are essential to ensure the tree’s ongoing vitality and structural integrity.

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Our Approach

We encountered a remarkable London Plane tree that had captured the admiration of all those around.

Standing tall and majestic, its sprawling branches held a commanding presence, yet its vast size began to cast a shadow over the neighbouring properties. It had reached such a remarkable size that it began to impede the natural passage of sunlight.

With the residents becoming concerned about its increasing overwhelming presence. They sought a solution that would address the issue without compromising the tree’s innate look. Therefore, we proposed a careful crown reduction.


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The residents were eager to preserve the tree’s beauty and character without resorting to harsh pruning methods. Our tailored approach struck the perfect balance, eliciting joy and satisfaction from the homeowners as the tree emerged from the process still grand but considerably lighter.

The gardens and homes once again introduced to a renewed brightness, the tree casting a welcoming shade without overshadowing the beauty that surrounds it.

It was a harmonious compromise where the tree’s majesty remained, yet its presence became more inviting and accommodating to all.


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Crown Reduction Advice

Insufficient experience and a lack of proper training in tree care practices can greatly diminish the lifespan of your tree, while also posing a significant risk of damage to its health and structure.

When undertaken by contractors with the requisite skill set and extensive experience, crown reduction becomes a more streamlined process. Their expertise guarantees a smooth and efficient approach, enabling precision and effectiveness in managing the tree’s canopy while preserving its structural integrity.

Choosing branches with precision is essential to preserve the natural and healthy appearance of your tree, preventing an over-pruned, unnatural aesthetic. Thoughtful consideration of branch selection ensures that the tree maintains its organic shape and vitality, avoiding an artificial or compromised appearance that excessive pruning can create.

Nick and his friendly team took down a selection of trees that were growing right up against our house. The whole process, from the initial site visit to the removal was very professional and we are delighted with the result. The team was respectful of our garden and they took great care to leave our garden very tidy.

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Nobel Prize winner for Physics in 2010

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We Recycle All of Our Waste

Wood chips and tree waste is converted into biofuels used for heating, and electricity generation as renewable fuel.

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